We are ready to represent you in your Vermont real estate transaction, whether you are purchasing or selling real estate, refinancing your mortgage, buying commercial property or investment property, or need title insurance.

Buying a home? We stand ready to guide you through the real estate transaction process and can draft and review the contracts and warranty deeds you need, conduct a title search to make sure your new property does not have a defective title. We will communicate with you throughout the process, updating you on any issues that develop, our efforts to resolve them, and even what to bring to the real estate closing.

Selling Vermont real estate? We will review or even draft your sales contract to ensure that your needs and deadlines are taken into account. We will draft the required deeds and certifications, as well as Vermont’s Property Transfer Tax Return form.

We also represent real estate developers, and can assist you in navigating Vermont land use regulations, municipal zoning, and financing your project.

If you already own property and become involved in a real estate dispute, we will zealously represent your interests in court. Whether it is a zoning dispute, disagreements about the location of a boundary or the ownership of land, a fight over the width or placement of an easement, or a developer appearing before a municipal board for project approval, we can help.

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