A passenger bus is one of the biggest vehicles on the street. It is heavy and awkward, has multiple blind spots, and requires a specialized driver’s license (a “CDL” or commercial driver’s license) to operate legally. There are no “little mistakes” when it comes to safely operating a bus. Any impact between a bus and a passenger car or a pedestrian will likely lead to lifelong, serious injuries for the victim.

A recent study by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration discovered that, in 15 of the 19 cases studied, bus drivers were at fault for the crash. Most driver-caused accidents happened because the bus driver failed to recognize the danger in a traffic situation in time to avoid the collision.

Commercial bus drivers must follow strict standards set by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). This federal safety agency’s purpose is to prevent accidents that result in serious injury or death. Some of the requirements of this federal agency are to ensure that drivers keep accurate and complete logbooks, and that maintenance records are kept in a precise manner. These records — or the lack of them — can help a bus accident attorney discover the truth about the cause of a bus accident.

If you’ve been involved in a collision with a bus, you need a Vermont bus accident attorney. We’ll investigate the case to gather proof of negligence. If necessary, we’ll hire accident reconstruction experts to assist us. We will fight for the compensation you need to pay medical bills, lost wages, and to make up for the loss of enjoyment you have suffered at the hands of someone else’s recklessness.

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